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I discovered yoga at a time in my life where I was struggling ; I was burnt out, overwhelmed, anxious and finding it tough as a new Mum back in the workplace. My usual go to would have been a more intense form of exercise, something more 'worthwhile'. But I was surprised at how good I felt after class, calmer, more patient, grounded. Over the next few years I couldn't get enough and before I knew it I had enrolled in my own Teacher Training. As someone with very low self-awareness this experience really was life changing for me.

Fast forward to 2022 and having recently completed my latest training as a Breathe Instructor, I have finally taken the plunge and left my Corporate role, finally stepping past my fears and on the road to turning my passion into my full time career.

I have two young children, so understand the pressures of trying to juggle the mental load, the mum guilt, the loss of sense of self, never mind the challenges of running a business in the current climate! If like me, you've ever struggled with the effects of stress - through anxiety, overwhelms, fatigue, low mood, burnout, disconnection, digestive issues (the list goes on..) Then I'd love to share with you my tried and tested tools to enable you to regulate your own nervous system and kickstart your emotional wellness.

Through moving our body and connecting with our breath, we can not only cultivate a sense of calmness, clarity and acceptance, but over time boost our resilience to stress. Through my offerings, we can help to uncover and overcome those limiting beliefs which are getting in the way of you stepping into your true power and living an aligned, abundant life.


I'm fully insured to teach yoga both in person and online and hold the following qualifications / trainings:

- 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher

- 65 Hour Yin Yoga

- 85 Hour Pre & Postnatal

- Certified Breathe Instructor

- Foundation in Coaching

- Mental Health First Aider


What can it do for you?

  • Increases strength & flexibility

  • Boosts immune system

  • Diaphragmatic breathing helps to reduce the effects of stress within the body, switching on the parasympathetic nervous system and bringing you to a state of calm

  • Meditation allows you to create space within the mind, helping to reduce brain fog and increase focus

  • Focusing on the breath helps us stay in the present moment, by gently training the mind in this way, it leaves less chance for the mind to hold onto the past (depression) or worry about the future (anxiety)

  • Yoga gives you time to yourself, encourages you to listen to your body and lets you relax, rebalance and recharge

  • Improves cardio & respiratory health

  • Maintains mobility, prevent injury and even reduce chronic pain!


Helpful Information


I'm often asked how often someone should practise yoga to feel the benefit - and really there is no right answer to this question! By attending practice regularly (once or twice per week is fine) due to the repetitive nature of Vinyasa flow classes you will begin to pick up some of the sequences, allowing you to practice these in your own time. The mindful techniques used in classes are so effective and so easy to slot into your daily routine. Part of the journey is also learning to listen to and honour the needs of your body, especially when it's telling you it needs rest!


It's always best to inform me before a class if you have any injuries or medical conditions I need to be aware of (i.e. anything you require medication for) as well as ensuring you have completed a health declaration form. However please note that I am NOT a medical professional- I may ask for sign off from your GP just to ensure you are safe to practice, or advise you seek guidance from another Health Professional.  As long as I am aware of any limitation I can ensure I offer adaptations during the class to make it as comfortable as possible for you. The main thing is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If something doesn't feel right, stop.


Please ensure you read the descriptions of each class before booking. I offer regular Introduction to Yoga workshops which are perfect for complete beginners.

A Gentle Hatha Class would generally be the best class to start with if you are new to yoga. But as said previously, I always offer modifications of poses to make them accessible to as many bodies and abilities as possible.

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